Endorsements and Testimonials

Kari Anderson Endorsement of TBT
"Total Body Tabata™ is a member magnet! This time efficient workout HiiTs the spot for all types of fitness lovers. With the drive and energy of great music, along with the countdown to finish, this class has become the ultimate motivator to get in the best shape of your life!" - Kari Anderson, owner The Seattle Gym and world-renowned fitness presenter

The Sports Medicine Clinic Endorsement of TBT™
"With the recent emphasis of training concentrating on central fitness, finding a program that identifies areas of weakness and then strengthens deficiencies can be difficult. TBT provides you with the perfect amount of core, hip and cardio in an efficient 60 minute workout. Combine the principles of Tabata with the energy of Autumn and Vicki you have the ideal, balanced workout that you can use as your primary program or to cross train." - Christian M. Peterson, DO of The Sports Medicine Clinic

"This workout is totally EMPOWERING! You feel yourself getting stronger each time you do it and each time you find yourself pushing a little bit harder or going a little bit faster than the last time and you go from - I'm never going to make it - to - I can DO this." Kirsten Brockman

"I usually do Crossfit and this KICKED MY BUTT!" - Kelly Lundin-Hales

"Total Body Tabata™ REPS is a supercharged workout that is an ideal mix of weights and cardio. I look forward to attending regularly – it's the one 'can't-miss' class of my weekly routine." - Kurt Imerman

"TBT had just started being offered at the Seattle gym around 6 months before my wedding, determined for sculpted arms in my strapless dress I decided I should give it a try. After my first class I realized how different this class was and could already notice the difference. The class is challenging, satisfying, and a unique workout to push limits and increase fitness. The environment, music, and instructors make all the difference! The high intensity interval training mixes cardio with weight training for the ultimate workout and I am very happy with my fitness just in time for summer and the wedding!" Christine C. - SeattleGYM member

"I had my 2nd baby in November and started working out again in February. It's now mid-April and I am totally addicted to TBT!! If there was a class of it every day during the week, I would go (my office is right down the street from the QA location). I also body pump twice a week and my clothes definitely are fitting better and my husband has mentioned that he thinks I am looking a lot more fit. More importantly, I feel GREAT (I am always in a great mood for the rest of the day after TBT) and have the energy I need to run my business and be a fun mommy to my 2 girls when I get home in the evenings." Kate M. - SeattleGYM member

"TBT is a fabulous, high-energy workout. The combination of cardio with strength-training, using easy to follow moves, ensures that all levels can participate and feel good about themselves and what they've just accomplished when the class is finished. Such a fun class to teach!" Janice Walters - SeattleGYM and TBT instructor