Continuity Program

total body tabata continuity program

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Total Body Tabata™ Continuity Program Offers:

  • New music releases by TBT™ and Muscle Mixes Music 3x/year
  • New Exercise Templates by the Total Body Tabata™ team 3x/year
  • 25% off all Muscle Mixes Music
why become a total body tabata instructor
  • Group Fitness Member Magnet
  • Appeals to men and women
  • Utilizes existing equipment in the studio/gym
  • Multiple fresh ideas for every class
  • Members push themselves with time as a motivation
  • No choreography for members to memorize
  • Member “community” soars
  • Adaptable for all fitness levels
  • Saves instructors time and money by using TBT™ workout music and templates
  • Time efficient workout
  • Total Body Tabata™ music organizes class and no time is wasted
  • Increases member confidence with program dependability
  • TBT™ offers a bridge between pre-choreographed and free-style instructors providing structure, freedom and versatility.
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Increases Mental Toughness

Total Body Tabata™ LLC provides professional, approachable, and dynamic group fitness for everyone. It is the mission of Total Body Tabata™ to educate and support Total Body Tabata™ trained instructors to deliver safe and innovative group fitness programs world-wide.

TBT™ offers a bridge between pre-choreographed and free-style instructors providing structure, freedom and versatility.

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