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Our Mission

Total Body Tabata™ LLC provides professional, approachable and dynamic group fitness for everyone. It is the mission of Total Body Tabata™ to educate and support Total Body Tabata™ trained instructors to deliver safe and innovative group fitness programs world-wide.

The Total Body Tabata™ (TBT) co-founders have meshed group fitness and Tabata HiiT, two growing hot trends in the fitness industry with our unique Tabata-style recipe to bring you the ULTIMATE in group fitness and small group training.

This amazing, non-stop workout is the BEST way to lose weight without losing lean muscle.This HiiT formula was researched in Japan by Professor Izumi Tabata while working with the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating Team. Its results proved to be significantly more effective than other commonly used forms of HiiT (high-intensity interval training)

The Tabata formula, combining 20 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, has been scientifically proven to increase aerobic and anaerobic fitness, decrease body fat, and increase metabolism!

why become a total body tabata instructor
  • Group Fitness Member Magnet
  • Appeals to men and women
  • Utilizes existing equipment in the studio/gym
  • Multiple fresh ideas for every class
  • Members push themselves with time as a motivation
  • No choreography for members to memorize
  • Member “community” soars
  • Adaptable for all fitness levels
  • Saves instructors time and money by using TBT™ workout music and templates
  • Time efficient workout
  • Total Body Tabata™ music organizes class and no time is wasted
  • Increases member confidence with program dependability
  • TBT™ offers a bridge between pre-choreographed and free-style instructors providing structure, freedom and versatility.
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Increases Mental Toughness

AT Home TBT™ Instructor Training Package Includes

  • TBT™ Manual
  • Ready to use exercise templates
  • Total Body Tabata™ non-stop interval-timed CD designed by TBT co-founders and produced by Muscle Mixes Music
  • TBT™ Logo Drawstring Bag
  • Exclusive to At Home study program, TBT™ Leverage Small Group Training template
  • Live Workout DVD
  • Total Body Tabata™ Certificate of Completion
  • ACE, AFAA & NASM CECs Approved

Once you complete your Total Body Tabata™ Instructor Training, you will receive a Total Body Tabata™ Instructor Certificate of Completion and officially be an independent contractor for Total Body Tabata™ with rights to use the Total Body Tabata™ name and logo in your class titles.

TBT™ offers a bridge between pre-choreographed and free-style instructors providing structure, freedom and versatility.

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